Sending valuables safely

Make sure your valuable items get there safely

Choose the right sending option

Make sure you send anything valuable, like jewellery, cash or vouchers, by Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed®. You’ll get end-to-end tracking, a signature on delivery, and guaranteed next-day delivery. Plus, there’s compensation in the unlikely event it’s lost or damaged. If you send them using any other service, you won’t be eligible for compensation – so don’t take the risk.Next day UK Delivery 

Sending items at a branch?

If you’re sending your item at the Post Office®, you will be asked at the counter the contents of your parcel. This isn’t staff being nosey, we promise! This is to make sure the items are safe to post.

Packing your valuable items

Package all money, vouchers or jewellery you’re sending securely. Make sure it isn’t visible from the outside and don’t indicate what’s inside anywhere on the packaging. Don’t send coins in envelopes. Automated sorting machines could damage the envelopes and cause delivery to be delayed or the contents to be lost.

We define money as:

  • Coins and bank notes – of any currency – which are currently legal tender
  • Postal orders, cheques and dividend warrants uncrossed and payable to bearer
  • Any unused postage stamps, revenue stamps and National Insurance stamps
  • ​Exchequer bills, bills of exchange, promissory notes and credit notes
  • Bonds, bond coupons and any other investment certificates
  • Coupons, vouchers, tokens, cards, stamps and other documents which can be exchanged in whole or in part for money, goods or services

We define jewellery as:

  • Any precious metal manufactured to add value to the raw material, including coins used for ornament
  • Diamonds and precious stones
  • Watches – the cases of which are made wholly or mainly of precious metal
  • Similar articles with an intrinsic value other than the value of the workmanship