Banking Change giving service

You can now exchange your cash for coins using the change giving service at the Galestreet Postoffice with “Change giving card” from any of the following banks.

The Galestreet Postoffice will need a cheque book or personalised paying-in slip to do this for you.

If you need small change regularly, then you’ll need to register to ensure a guaranteed service every time.

Change giving



Allied Irish Bank AIB(GB)

Danske Bank

Lloyds Bank

Bank of Scotland


Cash Denominated Coin Bags

Ideal for use in retail, post office, and other cash handling organizations, these Cash Denominated Coin Bags. Made from strong, clear plastic, these reusable coin bags can be sealed by securing the flap to keep the coins in place.

Coin Bags Information

Coin Bag Number of Coins Weight in grams
£2 Coin Bag 10 coins 120g
£1 Coin Bag 20 coins 176g (New £1)
50p Coin Bag 20 Coins 160g
20p Coin Bag 50 coins 250g
10p Coin Bag 50 coins 325g
5p Coin Bag 100 coins 325g
2p Coin Bag 50 coins 355g
1p Coin Bag 100 coins 355g

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No Mixed Coin/Bank Bags

Coin Bag
Coin Bag

Coins Information

£5 Coin : 28.28g

£2 Coin :12.00g

The Round £1 Coin : 9.50g

50p Coin : 8.00g

20p Coin : 5.00g

10p Coin : 6.50g

5p Coin : 3.25g

2p Coin : 7.13g

1p coin : 3.56g