The savvy way to pay on holiday

Travel Money Card

A safe-to-use, prepaid, reloadable, multi-currency card that’s not linked to your bank account

  • No charges when you spend abroad*

  • Make contactless, Apple Pay and Google Pay™ payments
  • Manage your account and top up or freeze your card easily with our Travel app

*No charges when you spend abroad using an available balance of a local currency supported by the card.

Why get a Travel Money Card?

Carry up to 22 currencies safely

Carry up to 22 currencies safely

Take one secure, prepaid Mastercard® away with you that holds multiple currencies (see ‘common questions’ for which).

Accepted in over 36 million locations worldwide

Use it wherever you see the Mastercard Acceptance Mark – millions of shops, restaurants and bars in more than 200 countries.

Manage your card with our travel app

Manage your card with our travel app

Top up, manage or freeze your card, transfer funds between currencies, view your PIN and more all in our free Travel app.

Safe and secure holiday spending

Safe and secure holiday spending

Manage your holiday funds on a Travel Money Card with our free travel app. Top it up, freeze it, swap currencies, view your PIN and more.

It’s simple to get started

No need to carry lots of cash abroad. Order a Travel Money Card today for smart, secure holiday spending.

Order your card

Order online, via the app or pick one up in branch and load it with any of the 22 currencies it holds.

Activate it

Cards ordered online and in-app should arrive within 2-3 working days. Activate it by following the instructions in your welcome letter.

It’s ready to use

Spend in 36 million locations worldwide, and top up and manage your card in the app or online.

It’s simple to get started

Common questions

There are three ways that you able to obtain a Travel Money Card, each very simple.

Please note, you must be a UK resident over the age of 18 to obtain a Travel Monday Card.

  1. Via our travel app: you can order and store up to three Travel Money Cards in our free travel app. Delivery will take 2-3 working days.
  2. Online: follow our application process to order your card online. Your card will take 2-3 working days to be delivered. Once it arrives you can link it to our Travel app to manage on the go.
  3. In branch: simply find a nearby Post Office branch and pop in to get your Travel Money Card there. Please remember to take a valid passport, UK driving licence or a valid EEA card in order to obtain your card, and you can take it away the same day.

Whichever way you choose to order your card, don’t forget to activate it once it arrives. Full details of how to activate your card will be provided in your welcome letter, to which your card will be attached if it’s been sent in the post.

Travel Money Card is enabled with both chip & PIN and contactless, so you can make larger and lower-value value payments with it respectively. For convenience, you can also add it to Apple Pay and Google Wallet.

You can load it with between £50 and £5,000 (see more on load limits below). You can use it to pay wherever the Mastercard Acceptance Mark is displayed. And you can withdraw cash with it at over 2 million ATMs worldwide (charges and fees apply, see ‘Are there top-up limits?’ below).

Your Travel Money Card is completely separate from your bank account so it’s a safe and secure way to pay while you’re abroad.

After you’ve activated your card, you can manage it using our travel app or via a web browser. You can check your recent transactions, view your PIN, transfer funds between different currency ‘wallets’, top up your card, freeze your card and more.

Our travel app brings together travel essentials including holiday money, travel insurance and more together in one place. As well as managing your Travel Money Card you can buy cover for your trip, access your policy documents on the move, book extras such as airport parking and hotels, and find your nearest ATM while overseas or Post Office branches here in the UK.

The Post Office Travel Money Card can be loaded with up to 22 currencies at any one time. You can top up funds on the card and transfer currencies between different ‘wallets’ for these currencies easily in our travel app or online.

Currencies available:

  • EUR – euro
  • USD – US dollar
  • AUD – Australian dollar
  • AED – UAE dirham
  • CAD – Canadian dollar
  • CHF – Swiss franc
  • CNY – Chinese yuan
  • CZK – Czech koruna
  • DKK – Danish krone
  • GBP – pound sterling
  • HKD – Hong Kong dollar
  • HUF – Hungarian forint
  • JPY – Japanese yen
  • NOK – Norwegian krone
  • NZD – New Zealand dollar
  • PLN – Polish zloty
  • SAR – Saudi riyal
  • SEK – Swedish Krona
  • SGD – Singapore dollar
  • THB – Thai baht
  • TRY – Turkish lira
  • ZAR – South African rand

Full details of our charges and fees can be found in our  Travel Money Card terms and conditions.

The Post Office Travel Money Card is intended for use in the countries where the national currency is the same as the currencies on your card. If the currency falls outside of any of the 22 we offer on your card, you’ll be charged a cross-border fee. For example, using your card in Brazil will incur a cross-border fee because we do not offer the Brazilian real as a currency.

Cross border fees are set at 3% and are only applicable when you use your currency in a country other than the ones we offer.

For more information on cross border fees, please visit our cross border payment page.

There are no charges when using your card in retailers in the country of the currency on the card. This means that a €20 purchase in Spain would cost you €20 and will be deducted from your euro balance.

To avoid unnecessary charges to your card, wherever asked, you should always choose to pay for goods or withdraw cash in the currencies of your card. For example, if you are using the card in Spain you should always choose to pay in euro if offered a choice; choosing to pay in sterling (GBP) in this example would allow the merchant to exchange your transaction from euro to sterling. This would mean your transaction has gone through two exchange rate conversions, which will increase the total cost of your transaction.

For loads in Great British pounds, a load commission fee of 1.5% will apply (min £3, max £50). A monthly maintenance fee of £2 will be deducted from your balance 12 months after your card expires. Expiration dates can be found on your TMC; all cards are valid for up to 3 years.

A cash withdrawal fee will be charged when withdrawing cash from a UK Post Office branch or from any ATM globally that accepts Mastercard.

We have listed all available currencies and their associated withdrawal limits and charges below:

EUR – euro
Max daily cash withdrawal: 450 EUR
Withdrawal charge: 2 EUR

USD – US dollar
Max daily cash withdrawal: 500 USD
Withdrawal charge: 2.5 USD

AED – UAE dirham
Max daily cash withdrawal: 1,700 AED
Withdrawal charge: 8.5 AED

AUD – Australian dollar
Max daily cash withdrawal: 700 AUD
Withdrawal charge: 3 AUD

CAD – Canadian dollar
Max daily cash withdrawal: 600 CAD
Withdrawal charge: 3 CAD

CHF – Swiss franc
Max daily cash withdrawal: 500 CHF
Withdrawal charge: 2.5 CHF

CNY – Chinese yuan
Max daily cash withdrawal: 2,500 CNY
Withdrawal charge: 15 CNY

CZK – Czech koruna
Max daily cash withdrawal: 9,000 CZK
Withdrawal charge: 50 CZK

DKK – Danish krone
Max daily cash withdrawal: 2,500 DKK
Withdrawal charge: 12.50 DKK

GBP – Great British pound
Max daily cash withdrawal: 300 GBP
Withdrawal charge: 1.5 GBP

HKD – Hong Kong dollar
Max daily cash withdrawal: 3,000 HKD
Withdrawal charge: 15 HKD

HUF – Hungarian forint
Max daily cash withdrawal: 110,000 HUF
Withdrawal charge: 600 HUF

JPY – Japanese yen
Max daily cash withdrawal: 40,000 JPY
Withdrawal charge: 200 JPY

NOK – Norwegian krone
Max daily cash withdrawal: 3,250 NOK
Withdrawal charge: 20 NOK

NZD – New Zealand dollar
Max daily cash withdrawal: 750 NZD
Withdrawal charge: 3.5 NZD

PLN – Polish zloty
Max daily cash withdrawal: 1,700 PLN
Withdrawal charge: 8.5 PLN

SAR – Saudi riyal
Max daily cash withdrawal: 1,500 SAR
Withdrawal charge: 7.50 SAR

SEK – Swedish Krona
Max daily cash withdrawal: 3,500 SEK
Withdrawal charge: 20 SEK

SGD – Singapore dollar
Max daily cash withdrawal: 500 SGD
Withdrawal charge: 3 SGD

THB – Thai baht
Max daily cash withdrawal: 17,000 THB
Withdrawal charge: 80 THB

TRY – Turkish lira
Max daily cash withdrawal: 1,500 TRY
Withdrawal charge: 7 TRY

ZAR – South African rand
Max daily cash withdrawal: 6,500 ZAR
Withdrawal charge: 30 ZAR

Yes, all currencies have top-up limits and balances. See full information below, which is applicable to all currencies available on the Travel Money Card.

  • Top-up limit: minimum £50 – maximum £5,000
  • Maximum balance: £10,000 at any time, with a maximum annual balance of £30,000