Payment Exception Service

The Payment Exception Service is a way for people who are unable to open or manage a bank account to collect their benefit or pension payments. These payments will be issued as vouchers via the i –movo voucher service and can be cashed at any of our Post Office branches.

How does it work?

Those eligible for this service may be sent a payment card or will receive vouchers either via a email (PDF) or SMS text message.

Here we explain how to cash your vouchers:

  1. 1. Take your card, SMS text message or email (PDF) and a valid form of identification* to your nearest Post Office.

  2. 2. If you want someone to collect your payments on your behalf, make sure it is someone you trust. They will need to bring your card, email (PDF) or SMS text voucher as well as your ID with them.

  3. 3. Simply present your card, SMS text message or email PDF and ID at a Post Office counter. Once the barcode has been scanned you will be informed of the voucher amount available to you. If you wish to cash further vouchers, the card will be scanned again and the total amount of the vouchers redeemed will be paid to you. A receipt will be given for each voucher that is cashed.

Note: customers cashing a voucher via a SMS text voucher will not be asked for ID.

Please be aware:

You have 90 days to cash your vouchers. After this 90-day period they will expire and will be returned to DWP.

Each voucher is for a maximum of £100. If you need to cash more vouchers, multiple vouchers can be cashed during the same visit in the same Post Office.

You can cash your vouchers in any of our Post Office branches.

You will not be able to cash your vouchers at an ATM.

Help and support

If you need any help and support or if your payment card is lost or stolen, please visit

If you do not have any online access, you will need to call the Payment Exception Service Helpline on Freephone 08000 152 902, who run this service on behalf of the office that pays your benefit (do not contact your paying office).