Western Union – International Money Transfer

  • Peace of mind online money transfers provided by Western Union.

  • Improved fx rates on bank transfers to international accounts*

  • New, improved £1.90 flat fee cash pick-up transfers in minutes**

No matter how far, be there when you can’t

Whether you’re sending money to family, have a home overseas that you need to pay for or are paying someone overseas, you can transfer money to almost anywhere in the world. These services are provided by Western Union.

  • It’s quick – send money in minutes to bank accounts or for cash pick-up from Gale Street Post Office in Rochdale**

  • It’s convenient – pay the way you like – bank account, credit or debit card. Money can be sent for cash pick up, direct to a bank account or to a mobile phone

  • It’s clear – our new rates are now live and you’ll know the rate you get when you transfer

How to send money abroad

We have multiple ways you can send and receive money.


How to send

Pay the way you like: bank account, credit or debit card. Supported cards include Visa®, MasterCard®, Maestro® and Visa Electron®

How to track

How to track

Both senders and receivers can easily track the status of a transfer using its unique MTCN, so check how your money’s doing on our website.


How to receive

Your loved ones can easily receive money into their bank accounts or pick up cash at one of the hundreds of thousands of locations around the world.