Drop & Go for marketplace sellers

However much you sell, our free bulk mail service can save you time and money

Quick and easy bulk sending for online marketplace sellers

drop your items

No queueing, weighing, scanning or labelling

Simply drop your items off and go. We’ll do the rest

Pay for what you need

No payment plans or subscriptions – just top your account online up or use auto top-up

drop your items

Manage everything online

Check on sold items you’ve sent, complete manifests, top up your balance, see your receipts and sending history, even link to your eBay account

Use fast-track counters in branches

No waiting around in branches. Just drop your bag of parcels and we’ll guarantee sent the same day

How it works

Get your online store flourishing. With Drop & Go, you can:

Get your manifest and packaging ready at your convenience, and top up your online account.

When you get there, hand over your parcels and go. It really is that simple.

We’ll process, send your parcels that day and charge your account. You can manage your account online.

Give it the personal touch with Drop & Go

Lots of fashion sellers use Drop & Go to get in, get out, and get items to their customers fast – so they can get on with making their next sales.

If you’re sending similar items often – either full time or just as your sideline – we’ll help you make the process streamlined.

Selling an eclectic mix of unusual or second-hand items? They won’t take you any longer to process. Just prepare them before you pop in, then leave them with us to send the same day.