How to complete a CN22 customs form

The CN22 is a customs form used when sending gifts and goods abroad worth less than £270 with Royal Mail.

They are mandatory for all gifts and goods being sent internationally from England, Scotland or Wales anywhere outside the UK, if posting from Northern Ireland they are only needed for posting to non-EU destinations.

If sending items with Royal Mail International Economy and International Standard – you’ll need a CN22B (with a barcode) available in all Post Office branches.

If sending items with Royal Mail International Tracking and Signature services – you’ll need a CN22A. These are available in branch, but you can also complete online or download a blank copy to fill before you visit.

Incomplete or absent customs forms are likely to result in items being returned to the sender.

The forms are scanned by optical character recognition, so it is important to fill them in legibly and in BLOCK CAPITALS.

CN22 form guide

    1. 1. Sender’s name and address are mandatory – include your full name and address including postcode
    2. 2. Content Type and Description of contents are mandatory – include a accurate description of each item enclosed. This will help to avoid delays or customs officials needing to open your item
    3. 3. Value, quantity and weight of each item are mandatory
    1. 4. Total quantity is mandatory – add the total number of items within your package
  1. 5. Total weight is mandatory – this is the total weight of your item. If you don’t know and can’t easily find out,  weigh your package and complete in branch
  2. 6. Total value is mandatory – this is the total value of all the items in the package. Write the value in British Pounds (GBP)
  3. 7. HS tariff number – is mandatory for businesses only – you need to provide the HS tariff code which you can find at
  4. 8. VAT reg number / EORI number – are mandatory for businesses only – If your business has both, please use the EORI number
  5. 9. Signature and date are mandatory – sign and date the form
Prefer to fill it out by hand?

Questions and answers

Customs forms are now mandatory if you were sending gifts or goods outside of the UK, except if posting to the EU from Northern Ireland.

They allow local customs authorities to make sure the goods are permitted and to calculate if there are any duties or taxes to be paid. Items with missing or incomplete are likely to be returned or delayed.

Currently there are no declaration requirements for goods moved directly between Northern Ireland and the European Union, but customs forms are still needed if posting from Northern Ireland to non-EU destinations.

The latest UK Government guidance on sending parcels to and from Northern Ireland can be found here: 

All customs forms are available in Post Office branches. If you can’t fill a form in at home, it’s useful to check what information you will need and keep it handy for when you visit the branch.

If you are using Royal Mail International Standard and International Economy services, use the CN22B customs form that includes a barcode. Have the details you need handy to fill out the form in branch.