Expanding the products and services Post Office offers to customers is one of the most effective ways to increase remuneration for Postmasters. One way we are doing this is working with leading, globally recognised names to launch new products that will make a meaningful contribution to your business.

That’s why we’re delighted to announce an expanded partnership with Western Union to offer a new money transfer service. This expanded partnership will see a minimum of 4,000 branches offer cross-currency money transfers and payment services.

Why this will benefit Postmasters

  • Previously Western Union customers could only use the Post Office website. The new in branch service will drive footfall to 4,000 Post Offices whilst at same time doubling Western Union’s UK retail network.
  • The expanded partnership means additional remuneration for Postmasters with a new product.
  • Western Union are more than double the size of MoneyGram in the UK and five times bigger globally and so a significant player with a very large consumer base.


  • There will be a trial in September and then a full roll out across 4,000 branches in October. Western Union will be selecting the Post Office branches taking part.
  • Post Office will be in touch shortly with Postmasters if you are one of the selected branches.

SOURCE FROM: https://onepostoffice.co.uk/